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Clement MalloryFormed in 2003, C37WORDS is a community-based poetry business that focuses on empowering youth through fun, educational programs that promote self-esteem, self-awareness and literacy.

All of our programs (E.Y.E-Poetry Program, Kids Poetry and Art, Empowering Youth Poetry Program and Kids Poetry Basketball) are designed to:

  • Teach young people the many forms of expression that are articulated through poetry, including music, written words, spoken words, art and dance

  • Help develop kids’ public speaking skills

  • Improve youth literacy and reading comprehension

  • Increase student Benchmark scores

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"Basketball makes poetry fun"

Clement Mallory is the owner of C37WORDS - a poetry company based in Greensboro, North Carolina and the Founder and Executive Director of Kids Poetry Basketball. Mallory is a professional teacher, poet and performance artist who specializes in teaching children about poetry. His experience includes teaching with Guilford County (NC) Schools and Guilford Child Development as well as organizing and hosting 6 successful Kids Poetry Basketball events.